Friday, March 06, 2009

Hey Look! Something Else Shiny!


Thank goodness, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now, I have found something to ramble on about that is not Watchmen. Hip hip hooray and shit. So what is it that could pry my fixated eyes from their Ozymandias & Co. perch? It's those beloved non-muggles, the Harry Potter gang! A new trailer for part the sixth, The Half-Blood Prince, has been summoned out of thin air over at Yahoo!, and I went and took some screengrabs like the dutiful geek I am.

Just going off of what they're showing in the trailer, this looks like it might be the most visually accomplished Potter film yet - the inky effects (from when Harry's witnessing things through the Pensieve) are really beautiful. Also, that ever-so-brief shot (the last one above) with the lake-zombies? Creeping my shit out! Ahh! That part was terrifying in the book; I hope they capture it well.

The Half Blood Prince is out on July 17th,
aka nine months late. Yes, I'm still bitter.
Not that I won't still be seeing the film, of course.


Joe Reid said...

Luna Lovegood with weirdo glasses! Be my friend!

Jason Adams said...

Word! I totally squealed when she popped up. How I love Luna.

Dave said...

I must say, I'm loving that shot of Helen McCrory.