Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Enthusiastic A Topping

Is that what's scaring all the poor widdle straights away? The fact that Jim Carrey goes for the butt-sex with gusto in I Love You, Phillip Morris? That's what this dude who saw the movie thinks (via Towleroad):

"The scene is not shocking in the sense that any body parts are actually revealed--both actors are nude, but the way the scene is shot, no pickle is on display. The surprising part is that the 'bottom' is this muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey (sic). It was mostly the tone and my perception of Carey as an actor, just because I never looked at Carey in a sexual manner and he was so dedicated to giving it to the muscle-bear and the sexual tone was authentic, it caught me off guard. I eventually got over it and I think Carey is convincingly fantastic in the film. But I think most folks are used to seeing Ewan McGregor naked and engaging in man-on-man sex, but Carey, not so much. So more power to him for going there."

Lesson learned. Jim Carrey, you should just use your ass for talking out of and not for thrusting into dudes. Look out for Ace Ventura's return in 2010!


J.D. said...

LMAO, I didn't even notice the article for a few minutes - I was too busy looking at Rodrigo in that pic.

sparky2379 said...

I think that one paragraph did more to pique my interest in that movie than any trailer ever could. The phrase "muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey" shivers me timbers. In a good, good way.

Ross said...

I suppose he'll fuck a real bear in the new Ace Ventura!

Pax Romano said...

I hope that this movie is just dreadful; I hate to think that it's being sent straight to video because of homophobia.