Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bruce Willis Has Obviously Never Seen Audition


Or maybe he did and that's where he got the idea and he thinks what happened in Miike's movie could never happen to him. You're playing with fire, dude! Via D-Listed:

"While casting hos for the movie Perfect Stranger (Bruce played Larry, Halle Berry played Balki), Bruce insisted he go through all the head shots and even sit in during cattle calls. Some source, who was part of casting for the shit show, says Bruce was looking for young pussay!

They said, "He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to 'read,' he was there in the meeting. It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date.""

And supposedly that's how he met the lady he just married. Be careful, Bruce! One of these days Ashton Kutcher's head is gonna drop in through your doggy door and you'll hear that nee-nee-nee sound coming for you and don't say I didn't warn your ass!


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