Friday, March 06, 2009

Talking Ass, With Patrick Wilson


Oh it never stops. I'm out of control today! But how could I not post this portion of an interview at Elle magazine with Mr. Wilson? And it's mostly about Little Children, not Watchmen, anyway, so I sort of... oh nevermind, just read it:

ELLE: Little Children featured you and Kate Winslet nude together quite a bit. In one love scene, I noticed some rather intense buttock flexing from your character. Was that your actual butt?

Patrick Wilson: Do you think I have a fake butt?

ELLE: No, but I did wonder if you used a butt double.

PW: No, I didn’t have a butt double! And if you ever meet a dude who has a butt double, you have to tell me who they are, because that’s ridiculous.

ELLE: Well, there are actors who would have been served well by butt doubles, most famously Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct.

PW: Yeah, but think about how cool that scene was in Lethal Weapon where Mel Gibson gets buck naked in that shitty little trailer. He’s giving you his whole butt, and it’s totally cool! ...

ELLE: Dan Dreiberg, the character you play in Watchmen, goes by the superhero name Nite Owl. If you were a sexual superhero, what might you be called?

PW: After this conversation, I might be the Great Butt Flexer.

Forever and always, Patrick Wilson, you will be the Great Butt Flexer to me.


J.D. said...

I love this post so, so much.

Anonymous said...

Is he taking the crown of William Hurt as the ultimate WASP hunk


i think he took that crown years ago. Long may he reign!