Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quote of the Day

Reese Witherspoon breaks her silence, as the tabloids love to say, on boy-chum Jake Gyllenhaal, and this is how she describes him? (via)

"He's fabulous."

Indeed, Reese. Indeed. You know what else is often described as fabulous? Glittered toenails. Karl Lagerfeld. Male models in rainbow short-shorts sucking on lollipops. Unicorns and diamonds and feathers, oh my.


John T said...

Am I the only one who pictured Jakey in short shorts with the lollipop?

Joe Reid said...

You really are stretching to find reasons to hate on my girl. She says he's fabulous! Clearly, he is.

Jason Adams said...

Well it was really intended as hateful, Joe. Just a... clarification. ;-) And I do agree. He is.

Missy said...

I believe the relationship is real but Jake is bi. He looks so much better with Austin Nicols.