Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Am Link

--- Two Til Doomsday - My bud Sean got to see Watchmen early and reviewed it - if he's happy that pretty much means I'm gonna be happy, so I'm happy to see he's happy! Also, I'm happy to read the promise of "tons of man-ass" in regards to Patrick Wilson. Wilson's ass is the gift that never stops giving.

--- Hard Argh - And speaking of movies that were both popular and earned their R-rating, Cinematical has a fun list of just those sorts of flicks in honor of Watchmen.

--- What Good An Oscar Brings - I have to re-remind myself these days that I really like Danny Boyle, after the Slumdog thing annoyed me so. Cuz see, the news that they're trying to get him to do the next Bond flick should excite me more than it does.

--- And finally, check out The Film Experience's Top 10 list of people who are most overdue for Oscars now that the most conspicuous one - my Kate - has gotten hers at last. Siggy!


J.D. said...

Lots of Wilson ass is the only thing that's gotten me excited for Watchmen at all.

Mike said...

Boyle's direction of the next Bond film will be be obvious, patronizing, insincere, a tiny bit racist, and will end with a dance sequence that hopes to make you forget the preceding 2 hours.

Because it's my new non-paying job: I hated hated hated Slumdog Millionaire.