Monday, March 23, 2009

"I have to go now, I'm famous!"


A very very very happy 50th birthday
to the wonderful Catherine Keener today.

If I weren't feeling crazed today - posting will probably be light, I have a doctor's appointment as well as a pile of other things to get done today - this post would be a list of my favorite Keener performances. Alas, outside factors have conspired and I must keep it brief. But y'all tell me your favorites of hers! There are so many wonders to choose from. I love this woman.


Scott said...

Living in Oblivion or Your Friends and Neighbors - depending on if I'm in the mood for something lighter or something tougher.

John said...

Holy shit, she's 50. Sorry Scott but I never saw either of those movies but I loved her in Being John Malkovich and at the time I never even heard of her. It was a small part but she was so good.

Xenia said...

I loved her in Into the wild, plus she took Jake as her boy-toy in Lovely & Amazing so, I love her. Period.

Jason Adams said...

Every single answer given so far (except I still haven't seen Into The Wild) is the correct answer. She's always fantastic. ALWAYS.

Xenia, I need to watch L&A again. I liked that movie so much (possibly just because of the Jake boy-toy fantasy element...)