Monday, March 23, 2009

A First Look At "Daybreak"

Hi everybody! So I promised myself that I was going to sit down and watch the Battlestar Galactica finale a second time before doing a post on it. And then I didn't get around to doing that. Yet. Hence my radio silence so far. All that big build-up, so little follow-through... story of my life ya know.

Let me jot down some quick thoughts/feelings on the episode now though. This is, by nature, SPOILERY, so beware if you ain't watched the episode.

--- The battle scenes were astonishing. I sat there wishing that I could've been watching them on a big, like IMAX-sized, screen. I just can't fathom how they manage some of that stuff with whatever the budget is they have. Really phenomenal work.

--- I had a total meltdown over the death of Boomer. It sorta came out of nowhere but - especially this season - I suddenly realized that Boomer's story was really affecting me. I wasn't a big fan of Grace Park when the show started but somewhere that changed, and here by the end, well that scene just tore my heart right out. The flashback that capped the moment off? I actually had to pause the episode and go to the other room and take a moment. I'm lame!

--- Mary McDonnell of course knocked Roslin's ending out of the park. Again, cue me being a heaving sobbing wreck. See, I need to watch the episode again because I think I missed too much of it from all the crying. My reaction to Roslin's death though... I think a little of it should've been cut. Maybe it's just that to be honest I think that Edward James Olmos' crying jags have gotten a little stale, but I thought the scene in the ship went on a little long and was, dare I say... a little overblown. I know, it was a moment we all knew was coming and were dreading and it deserved to be A Big Moment, but even while I was crying about it I felt myself a little embarrassed at the same time. I don't know.

--- Speaking of the ending, I didn't really buy some of the splitting up that went down. Specifically I really don't get why Adama wasn't going to rejoin his son after mourning Roslin. Was he just gonna lay down and die next to her grave? I just had trouble buying that.

--- The angels thing and the semi-unresolved resolution to Starbuck's story sat with me fine.

--- Cavil blowing his head off? PRICELESS. The most perfect resolution to that rat bastard's story they could've ever dreamed up.

Okay I know there's shit I'm forgetting to mention right now (still not caffeinated enough this AM) but that's fine because I do intend to write more on the episode once I get that second viewing in. If I were grading it at this point as an episode it'd probably be an A- or so. I thought Moore & Co. did a smashing job.

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Stacie Ponder said...

I was surprised by how many people were left standing at the end of it all. During the siege of the colony, at one point I thought that Lee was a goner. Then I thought, "Well, they can't kill LEE...wait, yes they can!" Everyone is up for grabs!

I thought for sure the opera house scenarios would play out with Boomer and Roslin dying, and Caprica and Gaius would take and raise Hera (I figured Helo was dead in the hallway). In the end it was just a mega-cool way to get everyone to reconvene in the CIC...? Still, I loved the way it all came together.

I found myself more moved by last week's ep, with Roslin joining the crowd, with Bill calling STarbuck his 'daughter'...this week didn't have me in he heap I expected. Although Laura's scene with Doc Cottle fucking KILLED me. Ugh, Mary McDonnell is just so good.

The resolution of Starbuck's story was cool with me, if a little abrupt. What I don't get, though, is what they did with Bill. I can see him going off to be with Laura in her final hours, but would he really leave is son behind like that? And I hate that there was no final Adama/Tigh scene. Their relationship was one of my favorites on the show. It all happened a bit too quickly- I wish there'd been another hour to wrap things up.

But, it was a wonderful end to a most wonderful show that I'll dearly miss.