Monday, March 09, 2009

I Do Detect A Hint Of Dr. Manhattan Dick Indeed

Y'all would not believe (actually you probably will, but go along with me here) the spike in visits I've gotten in the past couple of days from people searching for "Dr. Manhattan's Dick" or "doctor manhattan dick" or some variant thereof... seriously, y'all pervs! But then, if I weren't the Original Perv in the first place there would be no traffic spike leading you here. Caught in a tangle of my own perv web!

Anyway, the post everyone is clamoring for, "Do I Detect A Hint Of Dr. Manhattan Dick?" which I posted in regards to the original trailer, doesn't really give up the smurf-wang goods like it ought to. So here I make it all better with explicit blue penis for us all to savor anew!

(via) Yeah, they're blurry shots from some sort of pirated version, but they's all we got for now. And bonus! Dark and blurry Patrick Wilson ass!



Anonymous said...

I still argue that the increase in wang swing in his final scenes was out of proportion to the increase in walking speed.

Hugh Man said...

I have been inundated in my inbox for this! No problem. I do have an argument with my brother concerning circumcision versus uncircumsized. I think that latter, but he thinks the former. Who is correct? I have to wait for Imax...sigh

John said...

I like that latter, that's just me. I haven't seen any movie in IMAX but I didn't know it's 18.00 (pricey), my neice saw Jonas Brothers movie last week (that's how I know).

J.D. said...

Ugh, I am so gonna end up seeing it just cuz of that pic of Wilson, dude. I have an his ass.

Jason Adams said...

And as long as I have (given myself) the opportunity to briefly discuss Wilson's ass, I'll say this: the extra pounds he put on for this movie appear to have gone right to his ass and it's WONDERFUL.

J.D. said...

Oh dear GOD.

How could that thing get any MORE meaty?!