Friday, March 27, 2009

I Could Watch Jane Wyman Getting Hit By A Car All The Live-Long Day Long


And this being a Douglas Sirk movie,
being hit by a car makes her BLIND, of course.

God I love Douglas Sirk. But my main point is, I just don't like Jane Wyman. She was the weak link in Stage Fright too (of course, trying to register opposite the icy-fire of Marlene Dietrich can't be easy). But I liked Magnificent Obsession because it was all about Jane Wyman suffering. Suffer, Jane Wyman, suffer! Ah ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the "Lady go boom" look on the cabbie's face in the next-to-last shot unintentionally hilarious? (Or perhaps intentionally so?)

Jason Adams said...

I like to think it was intentionally so, but you can never be sure. Anyway, it IS hilarious, it IS. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wyman's signature curly short bangs are enough reason to be bothered by her.

Boyd said...

Well... we all know who she was married to for a while... I think that's quite enough suffering right there!