Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Link

--- The Rabbit Hole - Hey looky, it's pictures of Alice and of the Tea Party in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie!

--- We All Float Down Here - Well I brought Pennywise up just yesterday so this is obviously all my fault. Via THR comes word that Warner Bros. is all set to make a feature-film adaptation of Stephen King's 1138 page book It. Set in the present day. So is this movie going to be eight hours long? Because otherwise you will be butchering it.

--- Watch Watchmen Again - That's what screenwriter David Hayter has taken to AICN with a letter begging us geeks to do, anyway. I was planning on doing so anyway, but I find this letter a little... embarrassing. I guess he's just being passionate and I should cut him some slack. It's his baby.

--- Now That's What I Call A Good Timery - Meanwhile, while you were having some corn-flakes or watering your petunias, Hugh Jackman was appearing on a Japanese television program and tweaking a man's nipples while his balls were fondled.

... Yup.

--- Can This Be Its Final Destination Already? Now Final Destination: Death Trip 3D has shifted to August 28th, two weeks later than they'd last told us, only that's the same day that Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel is set to be released, so somebody's gonna move from that spot. Can it be H2? Can H2 move right into the trash-can? I promise to be a very good boy!

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Ross said...

The only way I'd be on board for a movie of It is if Frank Darabont was directing it and he had approval for 3 hours minimum. But you're right - it really needs to be miniseries length. Showtime or HBO should get on board!