Thursday, March 12, 2009

"I Always Thought It Would Be Better To Be A Fake Somebody..."

This is just Matt Damon's long-winded way of saying he ought to be nominated next year because of the egregious oversight the Academy made in 1999 for not recognizing his fantastic performance in The Talented Mr. Ripley, right? Via:

"Matt Damon tells Parade that he doesn’t think the Academy necessarily gets it right when it comes down to honoring actors and films.

The 38-year-old actor shares, “I think that the best way to judge movies is, like, 10 years after they’re released. I think they should actually do the awards that way. I think they should have done the Academy Awards this year for movies from 1998. I think it’s better to look at a movie and then step back and look at it again. I don’t think - that the awards necessarily get it right. I think they get it wrong more often than they get it right.”"
There's a slow-brewing consensus out there that Damon will probably get a long overdue acting nom for Soderbergh's The Informant this year, right? I mean, as long as he knocks it out of the park (and he usually knocks it out of the park).

And because this is Matt Damon's moment to shine here, I am using Herculean effort right now to not post a picture of Jude Law in Ripley like I usually do whenever this flick comes up. Monumental... effort... so... pretty... argh....


John said...

Is it just me or is Matt Damon not aging at all or is he injecting something or makes sure only good photos of himslef see the light of day.

Glenn said...

I'm currently predicting him twice. In lead for The Informant and supporting for Eastwood's Nelson Mandela project. I figure there'll be a lot of good will towards him (if the movies are good).