Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chris Evans Is Jack Kerouac


So I click on this post over at DH about the actor Jesse Eisenberg playing the poet Allen Ginsberg in a film called Kill Your Darlings just out of curiosity about the fact that another Ginsberg movie is being made - just earlier today I was looking at this picture of James Franco on the set of Howl, the Ginsberg biopic filming now - and I'm reading along at DH about this second Ginsberg film and I get to this:

"Chris Evans and Ben Whishaw will play Kerouac and Carr respectively."

And I'm all what-what-what??? That's the first I've heard about that anywhere. Kill Your Darlings is about:

"...the murder of David Kammerer by Lucien Carr, a Columbia University student who had been pursued sexually by Kammerer and stabbed him to death one night while fending him off. Carr, whose friends at Columbia included Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, dumped Kammerer's body in the Hudson River and spent a couple days deciding whether or not to confess to the murder."

I'm no Kerouac expert but I'm fully aware that he was a big ol' self-loathing closet-case. Which means we're finally getting a sort-of-queer Chris Evans! Hoorah!

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