Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mia Farrow

Slowly but surely, I've been working on catching up on the Woody Allen movies I haven't seen before - still have bunches to go; last night I watched Alice (1990) which stars Farrow as the title character, a very wealthy Upper East Side lady-who-lunches who is married to William Hurt yet somehow unhappy. I know - bonkers. Anyway I found the film very funny and Farrow in particular was doing something many people have floundered at so spectacularly - she effortlessly played the Woody stand-in. I suppose at that point she'd been with him for so many years and been in so many of his films that it wasn't a difficult feat... still she was incredibly funny here. The scene where she seduces Joe Magntegna by whispering about saxophone reeds while hopped up on Chinese herbs and the scene where she crawls onto the floor of an opium den are classic. Happy birthday, Mia!

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