Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy 40th, Michael Sheen


Now that I've seen Frost/Nixon and found Michael Sheen to be the best thing about it, I find myself with all these... feelings... for the man. He was quite debonair (that means sorta funny-looking, but still sexy) in F/N I thought, and re-watching the trailer for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans now I'm... well I'm finding myself nursing a sort of unexpected crush, it appears.



DuchessKitty said...

Wait...the Michael Sheen from Frost/Nixon and The Queen is the same Michael Sheen from that Underworld movie?!!

Wow. Just, wow.

Jason Adams said...

Crazy, no? Gotta get PAID.

elisamaza76 said...

Stumbled across your blog because of my brand-new google alert for Michael Sheen - I went to see Underworld and am now, like you, nursing an unexpected crush.

Must see Frost/Nixon now (and will now finally watch The Queen). If a slightly off-center crush makes me watch better movies, it's win-win, right?!

MadNad said...

I too have had a small crush on Michael Sheen, since the first Underworld film, but his performance in Rise of the Lycans had my tongue hanging out!

I love all the other things that I have seen him in, and he is a lovely person, but I cant decide if it is him I lust for - or Lucian.

Oh well - I suppose this means that I must do MORE extensive research.