Monday, February 02, 2009

The Birds Is Coming

So says Naomi Watts, prominent 'Tippi' fetishist and sometimes actress. Via:

"In an upcoming interview... actress Naomi Watts sounds surprisingly confident that Platinum Dunes' remake of "The Birds" is going to happen after all.

'It will happen. It’s absolutely going to happen. And it’s something that Universal has a lot invested in, and so they’re going to make sure the script is right, and take their time with it. Martin Campbell’s directing it and he’s very involved in it' says the Aussie thesp during promotion of her new thriller "The International".

So when would it begin shooting? 'We don’t have a start date, but it could be the end of this year.'"


Glenn said...

At least they've hired a proper director for this one instead of a music director like all their other projects.

scroggins said...

Just watched Marnie recently. Tippi Hedren is fetishized by Hitchcock in that, and also menaced by a passive-aggressive malice (consciously or subconsciously summoned on the set of the film, that Hitchcock felt for her in real life)that seeps into the film's tone and mood.

Despite superficial similarities (blond, thin, gorgeous), Naomi Watts is actually quite different from Tippi Hedren, and, I think, wrong for the role. Less concern for broad strokes and more concern for the nuances is essential.