Monday, February 16, 2009

All The Friday Fellas

2/ 16 - updated with some Jason Goes To Hell caps
A very happy Friday the 13th to everyone! Whilst working on my post dedicated to the hottest of all the fellas in the Friday the 13th series - that being Mark of Part 2 fame - I got to thinking of all the men that've populated the series through the years and what a vital part of my hormonal teens they'd played. For a series known for being mostly about boobs & blood, it never skimped on the boys (& blood). So when's their day to shine?

Today is their day to shine dammit. Here's a gallery dedicated to all my favorite fellas of Friday the 13th (Jason not included). Enjoy.

Bill (Harry Crosby)

Jack (Kevin Bacon)

Steve (Peter Brouwer)

Mark (Tom McBride) - lots more here

Scott (Russell Todd)

Jeff (Bill Randolph)

Paul (John Furey)

Rick (Paul Kratka)

Andy (Jeffrey Rogers) - more here
Doug (Peter Barton)

Rob (E. Erich Anderson) and Paul (Alan Hayes)

Jimmy (Crispin Glover)

Pete (Corey Parker) and Vinnie (Anthony Barrile)

Eddie (John Robert Dixon) - I should probably note the obvious here, that Eddie is my second favorite Friday guy after Mark, hence all the caps. His water-side strut through the woods has always been a favorite... Trivia: I love that this movie and Attack of the Killer Bimbos, in which he played "Truck Driver", are his only credits.

Tommy (John Shepherd)

Tommy (Thom Mathews) - Serious upgrade in the looks department on this entry's actor playing Tommy. Pretty man.

Cort (Tom Fridley)

Jim (Todd Shaffer) - I hate to break it to you dude,
but you wear funny underpants.

Guy killed in steam room (?) - Maybe it would've helped if I'd gone through this movie with the sound on this time around (it's been years since I've bothered to watch this entry in the series) but I have no idea who this character is supposed to be and he never takes the towel off of his face. He did appear to be speaking so maybe dialogue gave it away, but I'll be damned if I have a clue. Anyway, he looks good in a towel.

Sean Robertson (Scott Reeves)

Wayne (Martin Cummins) - How much cuter is he on the right than on the left, once those glasses are gone and that... that shirt... is obscured? That 1989 get-up he's swathed in does not do him any favors. In fact, it surprised me looking through this flick how much less flattering I found all of the outfits and hairstyles from this period than in any of the other films. What were we thinking? I was in Junior High right here and man I would've thought this dude looked awesome back in the day. Whackadoo.

Luke (Michael Silver) - A huge thanks to Ryan for unloading these caps over here for us (you can also get a good look at the kick-ass crazy violent death-scene surrounding this moment at that link). Like I said at the end of this post, I don't own Jason Goes To Hell... I actually haven't seen the film since it first came out on video whenever that was. But even after all these years seeing these caps was like a lightning-bolt of recognition... delicious recognition... mmmm...

Sven (Thomas Seniuk)

Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah)

Stoney (Yani Gellman)


Alright so this post is obviously a work-in-progress - my copy of Part VII appears to have broken, which sucks since that one has Kevin Blair (aka Kevin Spritas) as Nick, one of the hottest Friday guys...

And I don't actually own Jason Goes To Hell or Freddy Vs. Jason yet, so those'll have to wait until I do.

And then there's Marcus Nispel's movie, the 12th entry in the series, out today, with such up-and-coming hot-asses as Jared Padalecki, Travis Van Winkle, and Ryan Hansen angling for a spot...

So stay tuned! And when I update this post
with the missing fellas I'll bump it to the front.

But for now, who's your favorite Friday guy? Is he here or is it somebody I left off? Yes, hard to believe but there are people of the male gender in the Friday the 13th series that are not shown above (Shelly!!!). My ever-so discerning tastes only allowed this few, this elite bunch in (please note there is sarcasm there).


Anonymous said...

Guess who saw it last night?.... this girl did! Oh, and happy valentines day :)

Anonymous said...

My favourite Friday guy is David Cronenberg in X. Yum.

Jason Adams said...

I love that you bring up Cronenberg, anonymous - I really considered posting him too, then didn't for some reason. I think he and I have to work through this Tom Cruise thing before I can think of him that way again.

Anonymous said...

Why not view it as an experiment for cronenberg to actually transform Cruise into a real actor. Even he fails the experiment may leave us with Cruise's entrails on screen. If he wins, we win.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Mark from part 2 is also my favorite. I stalked a wheel chair stud in college for a while based on my attraction to Mark. Perhaps they will bring back the tight pants in the new version.

Ross said...

I'm with you on Mark being #1, but Rick from part 3 comes in a close second.

As for the Cronenberg/Cruise collaboration, I'm already convinced that Tom birthed Suri out of a tumor sac during a thetan removal session, so it sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Pax Romano said...


Ah great minds...

Anonymous said...

Oh JA, I fuckin love you; this post brought back so many nostalgic memories. (“Here, here” to the homos who found solace in the misfortunes of naughty, hormone-driven heteros.)

My Top 5 FRIDAY guys:

01. “Tommy Jarvis” – Thom Mathews (Part 6)
02. “Luke” – Michael Silver (Part 9)
03. “Bill” – Harry Crosby (Part 1)
04. “Andy” – Jeffrey Rogers (Part 3)
05. “Mark” – Tom McBride (Part 2)

It was super close between the top two. However, while “Luke” was red-hot and devilishly playful, not to mention the series’ only real showcasing of male nudity, “Tommy” will forever be my FRIDAY dream boy- a true beauty with the perfect mix of machoness and vulnerability. Plus, ohhhhh that face. He’s a keeper.

StinkyLulu said...

This really should have been a special feature on the His Name Is Jason dvd.

Thanks, Ryan, for giving a shout-out to Luke/Michael Silver in Part 9. I went to college with Michael and he's every bit as adorable/devilish/hunky in real life. But I never got to see his biscuits until that film!

Glenn Dunks said...

1. Mark in Part II
2. Rick in Part III
3. Jeff in Part II
4. Eddie in Part V
5. Tommy in Part VI


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Cort from part 6. Granted, he's not the best looking, but appears in the hottest sex scene.

My other two favorites are Jeff from part 2 and Andy from part 3. Both are really hot!

Anonymous said...

Jared Padalecki gets my vote for sexiest... tall dark and handsome.. plus the lion growl/roar when he yells.. yum!!! I'll have one of those ;)

Robert Dixon said...

thanks for the votes! its wild to see this stuff out here nearly 25 years later... cheers, jrd

Jason Adams said...

Oh my God! John Robert Dixon! You rule! You have no idea how much you commenting here means to me. It's like my equivalent of kissing the Pope's ring. Thank you sir, for visiting here and for almost 25 years of classic horror enjoyment. Such a great death scene - you're a very fortunate man.

Robert Dixon said...

maybe it will "up" my stock... thank you for your support! and for keeping the dialog going! there's that old saying... it matters not what people are saying as long as they're talking about you...

Anonymous said...

Tom McBride-Mark he kicks ass

Anonymous said...

Tommy Jarvis ( Thom Mathews) is my favorite :)not using his body in this movie to try to get attention but is the best lol

Lucia said...

Martin Cummins is actually quite gorgeous.

Just look at him in Poltergeist the Legacy, Dark Angel or his movies. He's recently been on V still looking yummy.

Anonymous said...

Thom Mathews part 6..hotness personified

Mark from part 2..cuteness

Martin Cummins part 8..geeky nerdy wet dream

Luke from part 9.. just look at that ass

Shantal D Maslow NKOTB Knight said...

My Favorites:
1. Mark ♥ (Part II)
2. Scott ♥ (Part II)
3. Jeff ♥ (Part II)
4. Paul ♥ (Part II)
5. Doug ♥ (Part IV)
6. Rob ♥ (Part IV)
7. Ted ♥ (Part IV)
8. Jimmy ♥ (Part IV)
9. Paul ♥ (Part IV)
10. Eddie ♥ (Part V)
11. Tommy ♥ (Part V)
12. Tommy ♥ (Part VI)
13. Cort ♥ (Part VI)
14. Andy ♥ (Part III)
15. Rick ♥ (Part III)
16. Jack ♥ (Part I)

tim said...

what a post! this was all about the Tommys for me...

1-Tommmy (P5)
2-Tommy (P6)
3-Mark (P2)
4-Luke (P9)
5-Sean (P8)

with a special mention for Andy... you know he'd be the most flexible in bed ;)

Anonymous said...

Tommy- Part 6 for me was a complete obsession for 2 years when I was 10-12 years old. Even today, I look at his pictures and think he is hot as you know what!!!

Unknown said...

Was surfing the net for the guys from the Friday the 13th movies since I watched them today (03/13/2015) and came across your site.
I know the "Hot Guys From the Friday the 13th Movies" is quite an old post (2009) but just thought I'd let you know the "Dead Guy in the Steam Room" from part 8 is David Jacox. On IMDB he's listed as "Other Boxer" and "Uncredited" in the movie.
Just thought I'd let you know if you were interested. "Better late than never" as they say...

brooks said...

this post is kinda amazing. oh man the nostalgia. here's my ranking....

1.) NICK (P7) - Kevin Blair / Kevin Spritas
2.) TOMMY (P6) - Thom Mathews
3.) LUKE (P9) - Michael Silver
4.) TOMMY (P5) - John Shepherd
5.) DOUG (P4) - Peter Barton

Forever1267 said...

Mark and Scott from "Part 2", and especially, Rick from "Part 3". mmmm mmmmm!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is no one talking about David from The New Blood?