Saturday, February 14, 2009

Splinter Is On In 20 Minutes

I've failed you all by not reminding y'all again of this sooner, but I forgot - Splinter, the movie I named the #5 horror movie of 2008, is on SciFi at 9pm tonight. Y'all should check it out.


Fox said...

I don't have cable (so, no Sci-Fi Network) but I recently saw this trailer on a DVD I watched and I am very curious about it. I didn't even know if came out last year!?!?

Your endorsement has me even more antsy now.

Joel said...

Yeah freakin' loved this movie. So twisted and clever.

Anonymous said...

I think I may wait until the DVD; I'm afraid that Sci-Fi might edit it for broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is a compliment to Splinter or an indictment of everything else, but seeing people problem-solve in a horror flick felt downright revelatory. I've never liked the anti-science tendencies that plague the genre (seriously, fuck you, Emily Rose courtroom scenes), so the body-temp bit alone would've been worth it. Okay, so there's no reason for the monster to form up Voltron-style, but sometimes you've gotta sacrifice a plausible survival strategy on the altar of HOLY CRAP PRACTICAL FX ON THE SCI-FI CHANNEL SOMEBODY PINCH ME.

Wasn't too crazy about the crook being given a heart of gold midway through, but hell, that's the only complaint I can muster.

So that's what, this and Abominable? I can't wait until 2011when Sci-Fi buys the exclusive rights to another movie worth watching.