Thursday, February 26, 2009

5 Off My Head - These Are A Few Of My Favorite Total Recall Things

This Total Recall remake news has got me frightened. Frightened for the citizens of Mars anew! I'd thought that Quaid had saved them, but now they're in danger again. So I beg of the movie's remakers, do not forget these, the five most important denizens of Mars!

Midget Hooker with crimped hair
and machine gun

"Twooo weeks!" lady that's really Arnold in disguise

Kuato, God of the Lower Intestinal Tract

Benny's fey alien arm

And you, Three-Titted Hooker,
you I'll miss most of all!

With a very special shout-out to Sharon Stone's finest performance (fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger in an aerobics outfit beats anything she was up to in Casino) and to the dude whose head explodes, as runners-up in Total Recall awesomeness:

I love you two too.

Man writing this post has made me need
to watch Verhoeven's classic rightthissecond.

ETA I figured I should work this real-world story in here somehow, but wasn't sure how. Alien life possible on Mars! Of course it is, silly scientists! Alien life with twice the crimping power and triple the bazooms at that!

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Mike z said...

This is one of me and my roommate's default movies to watch while we get drunk. Love it so much. We even came up with the idea that people were either Quaidites or Hauserians. I, myself, am a Quaidite, as in I think that the whole thing is a fantasy and Arnie wakes up after the credits start. [/nerd]