Thursday, January 29, 2009

On Daisies, On Sylar, Oh My


If nothing else, this news makes me happy because it led me to that picture above, but via Ausiello's most recent reader Q&A (spoilers at that link) comes new word of Bryan Fuller-related things:

"Question: Is there any news on anything Pushing Daisies related? -- Eric

Ausiello: Yes, there are three new developments -- and, believe it or not, all of them are positive! 1) I'm told Warner Bros. will definitely be releasing a season 2 DVD. 2) After undergoing a major post production tweaking, the series finale is now a loose-end-tying-up extravaganza. 3) And the inimitable Ellen Greene is in talks with Heroes to return as Sylar's mom during May sweeps."

So that's some happiness. I mean, we knew the DVDs of Daisies would be released eventually, that was a given. So everyone will one day see what remains of the show, and it sounds as if what remains might just be fully satisfying. Or as fully satifsying as we could hope a murdered-in-its-prime show's finale could be, I guess.

Kick-ass that Ellen Greene's coming back to Heroes... somehow. "Somehow" refers to the pair of scissors you see protruding from her chest in the pic above, of course. Her complications had complications, from what I remember.

Separately, I just realized this morning (because of this) that we have a full 5 episodes of Bryan Fuller-less (and therefore presumably brain-numbing) Heroes to wade through once the new episodes start on Monday until Fuller's episodes start. Blurgh! My brains might turn to mush by then, I swear... I just need to keep repeating to myself that hope is just on the horizon.

(thanks to Mac for the heads-up!)

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