Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Am Link

--- Leave Blair Be - As big a fan as I am of The Blair Witch Project - and I am a very very big fan of the movie and will defend it with my dying breath if necessary (although I certainly hope it never comes to that) - I'm not sold on the need for a Director's Cut of the film that includes a "poetry jam" session. Maybe a new DVD where they just put this shit in the extras? That sounds okay. But the movie is perfect as is, and this stuff sounds like it's more fuel for the "these characters are unbearably annoying" fire that's engulfed the film for years.

Perhaps co-director Daniel Myrick is just yapping this up to get press for his new (coming out in NYC next week) horror flick The Objective though.

--- Getting Back To Drac Basics - Alex Proyas gives a little blurb on what his long gestating Dracula: Year One project (which he might be doing next) might be about... sorta. it's still vague.

--- The Genius Of Joss - AMC's Horror Hacker blog looks at the rumor mongering genius of Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams and how they've been dribbling out info so slightly on Cabin in the Woods.

--- Eyeballs a'poppin' - The new DVD of Friday the 13th: Part 3 has 3D glasses and can be played in 3D. I have never seen it in 3D. I have to have it NOW. Despite my better instincts Part 3 has always been my favorite chapter (I'm not alone). It has the hottest guys, the silliest deaths, and 3D. Now for real! Awesomeness.

--- Mirror Mirror - Twitch reviews The Broken, which I reviewed here, and agrees with me that it's an underseen spooky gem.

--- Add Requisite Oscar, Stir - Piper lays down the truth and tells us how Slumdog Millionaire is the new Crash. It rubs your tummy all better it does.

--- That Thing They Do - I don't really understand how MacReady's brother could play into a prequel of the events of John Carpenter's The Thing since it's supposed to be (or was supposed to be about from all I'd read before) the Norwegian scientists that get all eaten up before the events of Carpenter's film and they shouldn't really have anything to do with MacReady at all... but Ronald Moore of Battlestar is the writer so I am not as freaked as I could be. Anyway, that director guy signed on.

--- Off To Hell We Go - BD also reviews (very spoilery) the rough-cut of Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell and like the AICN one I linked to earlier this week says it's the best horror flick they've seen in years.

--- Wear Them For Me, Chris - Chris Evans chats with AICN about his upcoming flick Push and admits the following:

"I had a great, great time playing [Johnny Storm]. He's such a fun character. And I'm not going to lie: I loved the blue tights. I had a blast getting into them every day."

I liked it too, you hot ass bastard. I liked it too. And I wouldn't argue if you wore them around town. To the grocery store... jogging... whatever.


SeangSTM said...

Friday the 13th in 3D is a vastly superior film as far as the freakout factor goes. Story is still weak, but the effects that look horribly poor in 2D are so in your face, the less than stellar effects are quite passable. That eye popping one, especially.

Glenn said...

That the story is weak is completely besides the point.

I need that DVD now!