Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Am Excited About Horror Movies Right Now

I know that the following statement coming from me of all people will seem... obvious, redundant... not necessary to be put into words, but here it is: I'm really in a horror mood right now! Wow! Shocking, that, I know.

But even though David Goyer's The Unborn should have been aborted (so so bad, y'all), it still hasn't managed to put a damper on my enthusiasm for horror movies coming up. I am totally psyched about seeing the My Bloody Valentine - in the glorious third dimension!!! - remake coming out this weekend (the boyfriend and I re-watched the original last week and damn that is still a fine specimen of low-budget slasher movie-making) and then in a few weeks comes the remake of Friday the 13th which I can't help it I am super looking forward to seeing Jason Voorhees on the big screen again. Actually, for the first time - I do believe that I have never seen a Friday movie in the theater. Ack!

Anyway, here's a trio of new pics from the latest Friday (via) that are stoking my excitement:

(click it to embiggen)

That shot on the left of a machete-wielding Jason standing over his latest victim is fuh-reaking me out. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Um...I'm excited about horror movies right now AND excited about the idea of hot guys in horror movies. I love the Supernatural boys and I'm so excited that they both have movies coming out soon.