Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


I rearranged this sequence a little bit to try and make it a bit clearer to the layman (you know, those weirdos who haven't doodled every kill in the Final Destination series from memory onto pieces of paper which are then kissed delicately and stuffed into a hope chest). The coke-head's premonition actually comes in the middle of this sequence, but it made more sense for my purposes to shove it to the start and not cut up the flow. As I said the last time I tried to do a death scene from FD2, these deaths can be so cumbersomely complicated when trying to get across the gist as simply as possible that it keeps me from doing these movies as much as I'd want to. This death is relatively straight-forward compared to most, though - instead of fifty Rube Goldbergi-an traps falling into place all we've got is a busted elevator and a woman's ponytail ensnared in a box of artificial limbs. (I love that sentence.)

I also love that last shot so very much, starting with the close-up on the dude rightly freaking out in the elevator to slide back and back until we see poor lady's head on the floor. Good times were had by all!

I also also love the fact that the woman basically dooms herself by freaking the fuck out in that tiny enclosed space when the crazy man with hooks, while indeed a hair-sniffing weirdo, wasn't trying to hurt her at all. Well, she dooms herself some but Officer Goodbody on the other end of the phone doesn't much help matters, with his oh-so-calming message of "A MAN WITH HOOKS IS GOING TO KILL YOU!" Nice work, Captain Doofus.

Good gracious, I just love this movie.

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