Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


In a film that doesn't really shy away from blood, this death is surprisingly blood-free. In fact, I remembered seeing more than you do here. I suppose it's that old chestnut of suggesting more than you're shown a la Psycho's shower scene. Making with the fake-out stab-stab.

Still this moment in Resident Evil's opening scene gets things going with a bang, and I love the way the evil computer system just for shits and giggles fucks with the poor girl for a sec, making her think she's safe, and then goes for the reverse head-whammy-ing. Consider that another life lesson learned: evil computer systems suck!

And if it's driving you crazy like it was me, trying to figure out who that actress is getting her head slammed off there, let me solve the riddle: her name is Indra Ové, and you may remember her from the following:

Yuppers, she was also the prostitute that is played as a blood pawn between Tom Cruise's Lestat and Brad Pitt's Louis that then dies so sadly and pathetically begging for her life in Interview With the Vampire. Credited delicately as "New Orleans Whore" of course.

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Jwise said...

OMG, yes! I've always been flummoxed by where I knew her from.

JA, you're my hero!