Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am Link

--- I Concur that Rachel Weisz would make for a fantastic Catwoman in a third Batman film - she's a terrific actress and more importantly already feels like she'd fit into the world Nolan has constructed well - but yeah, this is just a lot of fanboy assisted blather at this point, lest we forget.

And frankly I think there are villains more in need of a big-screen realization for Nolan to worry than Catwoman (Pfeiffer lingers, y'all).

--- Where's Jason? - There he is!

--- And as for Michael, confirmation has arrived and Rob Zombie will be directing the second Halloween movie. Maybe he'll be less intimidated by his material this go-around and deliver something less sloppy? If they even bother to go the hospital route of the original Part II; maybe they'll just do something altogether different. I only saw Zombie's Halloween a few weeks ago and already I can't recall how it ended; I mentally checked out of that flick towards the end.

--- And finally, Rich at FourFour is a big pussy! In his own words. I knew it.

See, this is the first time I actually believe the tale of someone having an extreme reaction to Chuck Palahniuk's story "Guts." I always thought it was just Chuck selling himself. But what do you know? It's true. Personally the story barely bothered me, but I am a sick mofo through and through.


Joe Reid said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to go home and read that motherfucker tonight. See where I fall upon the sicko spectrum.

Jason Adams said...

Hmm. I worry, Joe.

Joe Reid said...

I'm not sure how I should take that.

I suppose I'll read it near a soft place should I pass out and/or die.

Jason Adams said...

If only you had a room of pillows like Mariah Carey!

I am not ashamed of knowing that fact.