Friday, November 07, 2008

I Am Link

--- Milk Gotten - Andy at Towleroad got to see Gus Van Sant's Milk last evening and briefly gives some thoughts on it, mostly in relation to what's going on in California with the passage of Prop 8. He says:

"I didn't think anything could live up to the 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk but this does. It's a powerful, classy, elegant film."

He also shares a new clip from the film.

--- Lady Flower Power - Yesterday at The Film Experience I spoke of the news that Joan Allen will be playing painter Georgia O'Keeffe in a Lifetime movie next year.

--- The Return of Eli - Sorta. He's apparently too busy acting for Quentin Tarantino to direct anything, but Eli Roth's producing a new horror flick called Cotton, describes thusly (via BD):

"StudioCanal also picked up "Cotton," a horror film in the vein of "Cloverfield" and "Blair Witch Project" that was directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland and produced by Eli Roth for Strike Entertainment.

Story concerns an evangelical minister who turns against religion and decides to participate in a documentary in which he practices his last exorcism.

Roth calls the directors' "little-seen" previous work "brilliantly funny and sick." Sounds about right.

--- Up-Wards Momentum - STYD has got the first image and the poster for the horror flick Don't Look Up, which is the first English language film by the director Fruit Chan, the man who directed the AMAZING movie Dumplings (starring Bai Ling) which got most of its play here in the US as 1/3rd of the anthology flick Three Extremes (although I maintain that the full-length version is better). Here's how they describe the story of Don't Look Up:

"Set in an abandoned film studio from another era, Don't Look Up charts the unraveling sanity of a director and his crew when spirits from that bygone era invade the film stock of the contemporary production and, in a few stark frames, open a horrifying window on a terrible curse from the past."

Mkay. It stars a bunch of people I've never heard of, E.T.'s Henry Thomas, and has a cameo by none other than Eli Roth. No word on a release date yet.

--- All Red - My bud Sean has got the trailer for the next Clive Barker adaptation, Book of Blood, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from the next one after that Dread. It's a Clive Barker Day! Drench yourself in gore.

--- There She Is! - MTV briefly chats with Rachel Dratch about her small role in the upcoming comedy My Life In Ruins, starring Nia Vardalos. Dratch plays the stereotypical Ugly American on a tour led by Vardalos in Greece, I guess.

Just glad to hear your name, Rachel. Miss you.

--- And finally... I don't know what to say about this news. So I'll just post it. Via:

"In the wake of coexecutive producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander getting fired from Heroes, online fans have been crying out for former Heroes writer (and Pushing Daisies creator) Bryan Fuller to rejoin the show. Apparently, somebody is listening. Fuller told that he's open to a comeback. "I am exclusive to Daisies through the delivery of the 13th episode of our 13-episode order, which will be mid-January," says Fuller. "If Daisies isn't picked up by then, I will definitely be going back to play with my friends at Heroes."

It seems unlikely that ABC will pick up more episodes of the critically-beloved Daisies; the show is currently ranked at No. 64 and attracts a mere 6.14 million viewers."

The thought of Pushing Daisies going away literally makes my head swim, like I might fall over. I have to move on. I can't talk about it. I mean, of course Bryan isn't going to be wanting for work. He's a fucking television genius, and everybody knows it. But... yeah. Can't talk about it. Anyway...

--- ETA And in other shitty TV news, Defamer has some word on how FOX is already trying to dick over Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Good times for all.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the short version of Dumplings is much more powerful than the long one

John T said...

Man, Franco is ripped in that picture.

And Pushing Daisies disappearing-that's just so sad it's heartbreaking. Couldn't HBO or AMC or Showtime pick up this series?