Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Greatest Movie...

... in which "Michael Jackson" is lured to a commune
of like-quotation-marked individuals
and learns a little bit about being himself?
(Also Werner Herzog is a Priest?)

Mister Lonely (2008)

How I did love Mister Lonely! Quite unexpectedly too. The "I worship Samantha Morton" kick that I've found myself in since falling in love with Synecdoche, New York is what sealed the deal as for convincing me to watch the film - I really had no desire otherwise. I've had some sort of based-in-ignorance chip on my shoulder towards Harmony Korine - I can't tell you where it came from either - anyway I'm glad to say that that has been cast aside and I'm gonna be diving head-long into his previous flicks ASAP, because I adored Mister Lonely from start to finish.

And besides embracing just its surreal story - which I did, wholly - I also strangely was surprised to find the film to be really attractively shot. I don't know what sort of weird false assumptions I'd gathered up about Korine... I guess I'd read so much vitriol aimed at Gummo etc. for their grimy misanthropy that I expected to be wading in squalor for two hours. But no, twas nothing of the sort.

A lovely and sad and surprising movie. In fact at this point I'd say it's safe to keep an eye out for this one when I start doing things like Favorites Lists at the end of the year...


Anonymous said...

That's so weird, I just watched a trailer for this last night and considered renting it. Now I might.

Jason Adams said...


scroggins said...

Gummo is a great film as far as I'm concerned.

You'll know why when you get to the bathtub scene.

Anonymous said...

Morton is also very good in Morvern Callar. It is a good mediation on the life of an author, and good music, too. I also recommend Ratcatcher.

- Dan

elgringo said...

I didn't read your post...YET!
The movie's coming in the mail soon and I want to be unbiased when I watch it but in the words of my governor, I'll be back.