Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratutious Gerry

It's Gerard Butler's 39th birthday today! We should all celebrate by strapping on our leather diapers - I know you have one - and wrestling with our best mates in the mud. Do it!

Weirdly, this morning I was looking through all the posts I've done in the past on Gerry - and there've been plenty - and I really haven't posted as many pictures of him as you might think I have. Rectify is the word of the day then! Okay, not really - Gerry is somebody that has had A LOT of pictures taken of him. One might think he's could possibly be, dare I say, narcissistic? Maybe a little. I know, it's weird to think an acotr might be the "N" word, but there it is. But compared to somebody like say Chris Evans who does not get his picture taken nearly enough to sate my unquenchable thirst, Gerry's got more than enough shots out here, floating around... I simply can't keep up, I guess. So this is just a semi-random assortment and wow, am I rambling. Cutting to the chase, enjoy! And happy 39, Gerard!



J.D. said...

My, how I love Scotland.

Joe Reid said...

I think you mean Thhhhcotland.

Anonymous said...

laughing out loud @ joe. you're terrible!