Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratuitous Gaspard


Have I still never seen Hannibal Rising? Really? I mean I know the sound of suckage that's attached to it, but still, I ought to find the time. All the sexy cannibals on the loose put yer hands up, woo! Ahem. Shame me once, shame on me! Or something. Today is the actor Gaspard Ulliel's birthday. He got to play the young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising, see? Which I have not seen, see? See, it all comes together.

The only thing I have seen Mr. Ulliel in then is Gus Van Sant's "Le Marais" segment of Paris, je t'aime and I do not recall Gus Van Sant's segment of Paris, je t'aime so really for all current intents and purposes I have not really seen him in anything. Still this morning I saw it was Mr. Ulliel's birthday and I remembered that I used to think he was weird looking and not my type but then I went looking for pictures of him anyway - because hi I am me - and I found that top picture along with these two pictures from a recent event:

And I decided that he has aged nicely - the slicked back hair thing is definitely working in his favor - and I now think he is attractive. So he gets a birthday gratuitous post. Happy birthday, you!



Anonymous said...

Looks a bit like Andy Samberg.

J.D. said...


Seriously, I'm in love.

And Hannibal Rising isn't horrible. I thought he was actually rather good. And Gong Li saves the rest on principle. Gong Li. Mmmm.

mle said...

Just saw Hannibal Rising this weekend (Mexico City has HBO) and he is my new boyfriend. He is pretty + he is scarred=romantic hero. If I could just wash the image of him carving someone's chest and devouring their cheeks from my head, we would be together. Because that is the only thing stopping us from being together.