Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Divine This!

I know it must've been a sort of thankless job, playing Professor of Divination Sybil Trelawney with like five seconds of screen-time per movie, but it's always such a pleasure seeing Emma Thompson on-screen, especially so with the giant glasses and mussed hair, and there's a choice-bit in the final Harry Potter book that I was really dying to see her do (I assume anyone caring enough to read this post would've read the books by now, so you'll no doubt know of the crystal-ball-lobbing scene of which I speak)... well, it's not to be. Emma's tossed in the towel! Lousy selfish quitter lady! Via MTV:

"Emma Thompson has been forced to choose between the “Harry Potter” and “Nanny McPhee” franchises. And in her mind, the choice was always obvious.

“No, no, no,” the Oscar winner insisted when we asked whether she’d be returning as Professor Sybil Trelawney in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. “I’m making my own ‘Nanny McPhee’ next year. They mean much more to me.”

The final “Potter” films are due to begin shooting early next year – roughly the same time when Thompson has the green light to make a sequel to the beloved 2005 film she wrote and starred in.

... The actress, who will soon be seen in the awards-worthy drama “Last Chance Harvey” alongside Dustin Hoffman, once again helped to write the second McPhee film. Thompson explained that while she knows it will once again be a lot of work, she can’t wait to begin – even though her Potter involvement is the collateral damage.

“The Harry Potters are great big franchises that are something I’m not emotionally attached to or necessarily particularly creatively attached to,” Thompson explained. “That’s more like doing a turn, whereas the Nanny McPhees are something I’ve written. The art is in those films, they’re very handmade, they’re something that’s very close to me. Those are the ones I really care about.”"

Well la di dah, Miss Thompson, you and your hifalutin concerns over what really matters to you. See all those "you"'s in that sentence? Yeah! Uh huh. Right.

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ryansumera said...

this is understandable. if you listen to her and lindsay dorans hilarious audio commentary on the "mcphee" dvd, you'll see how much fun she had on that movie.