Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bell & Her Bikini... Again

Kristen Bell has got it down pat - never take a job unless it involves playing at the beach! Or at least wearing a two-piece. Last year we got to see her on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall strutting her loveliness around in a pink bikini and this year here she is on the set of Couples Retreat (prev. post)... in a blue bikini!

(via) The lovely lady with her in the second shot is Malin Akerman, she of The Comeback and Watchmen fame. And if Fanboys is ever released we can add Princess Leia metal-bikini to her bikini resume. She's covering the bases slowly but surely... next she'll inevitably re-do Raquel Welch's fur bikini in a One Million Years B.C. remake...


Anonymous said...

She makes Akerman look giant

Jason Adams said...

I noticed that too. Malin's never struck me as being particularly big either. I swear you could probably roll Kristen right up and tuck her into your wallet.