Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quarantine In 150 Words Or Less


I'm as surprised as anybody, but Quarantine ain't half bad. I loved the original and expected to be annoyed at it being aped in English by Jonathan Schaech, but I'd forgotten what a likable presence Jennifer Carpenter is (I really enjoyed The Exorcism of Emily Rose for the record) and the story was kept to the basics, and when you've got a story that's so basic (read: primal) that's kinda all you need. It just works. For a remake that adhered so closely to the original (which I've seen twice in the past six months) I was still scared. It ain't rocket science, but it is scientifically modulated to make you all goose-pimply, and sometimes that's enough.

Also, a welcome addition - Dog Elevator!


PIPER said...

So I saw Quarantine but have not seen REC. What are the major differences?

Jason Adams said...

There really aren't any, to be honest. There are a couple of extra characters, as in people in the building, that die in slightly different manners. And I thought the explanation for what was going on was left both more vague and more specific in Quarantine in ways that favored it. I know that sentence makes no sense. I mean, the rabies explanation wasn't in REC, and I liked the rabies talk. It made sense. While in REC there was more talk about what went on in the attic, and I thought it was good that that stuff was left out in the remake, because it was obvious early on in REC that we'd be going to the attic and something wouldn't be right up there.

So really just tiny things. They are really really similar, which is why I found it strange that the remake worked so well while I've seen the original more than once just recently.

Anonymous said...

I liked the rabies talk too. Because it's an existing disease, just faster, it sounds like a realistic possibility, and that's scary.

Jennifer Carpenter was awesome in this, she did really well with the character's descent into ttal hysteria. I've long thought she doesn't get enough praise for her work on Dexter. It was cool to see her in something else though.