Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Moment I Fell For... Hugh Dancy


This performance means much more to me than just a hot gay kiss with Patrick Wilson - not that that hurts obviously - but this moment did as they say seal the deal. But specifically it's what comes next - Dancy's reaction to what he's done... especially in the scene that follows this with Claire Danes in the guest-house, that which well he just comes the fuck out of nowhere in a film starring Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, et al, to singlehandedly blow them all outta the water.

I mean... just looking at that screen-cap from the latter scene is making my eyes well up right now. For my original reaction to Dancy in Evening, click here. I'll love him forever because of what he did in this movie.


Unknown said...

He also snogs Eddie Redmayne in Savage Grace. Crap movie and laughable threesome scene. But good visuals nonetheless.


Peter Chan said...

i also adore dancy in this film. the scene in which he confesses his love to claire danes was heartbreaking. at the time, it sure surprised me to see him with some film charisma after seeing him on broadway with little to no charm for 3 hours.