Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gratuitous Travis Van Winkle


Travis Van Winkle was recently seen in that godawful (I say without having seen it... but do I really need to to know it was awful? Really?) spoof-movie Meet The Spartans... so why the hell am I giving him a gratuitous shout-out right now? (Besides the whole "He pretty" factor obviously, which really is enough on its own.) Because his next movie is the Friday the 13th remake (out in time for Valentines Day 2009!), and there's a terrific chat with him over at AMC today (Yo Tom!) in which he endearingly says of the trailer for Friday the 13th set to air in front of (ugh) Saw V:

"Everyone's going to wish they were about to watch that instead.

... It's sick. I think it's gonna kick people in the face."

It's close enough to a diss of the Saw franchise to draw my admiration, anyway. Anyway, on with the hot...



Tom said...

O. M. G.

Thanks for the shout-out (that's something I get to say so rarely that it's not even cliche coming from me!).

I didn't look at any pictures of him before the interview, and I'm glad-- beacause if I had come across a post like this, I would have been a stuttering wreck. You rule, as ever.

mle said...

cro-mag face.