Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


And now for three semi-random thoughts regarding Raising Arizona.

1- The Lone Horseman of the Apocalypse, Leonard Smalls, getting good and blowed up there, he was played by Randall "Tex" Cobb, a former professional boxer. And for some reason this death scene is imprinted on my brain. I haven't actually sat down and watched Raising Arizona from start to finish in a good ten years, but I always think of this scene when I think of the movie. I think it's that weird mid-struggle Woody Woodpecker tattoo reveal... weird. Yet also appropriate.

2- Did you know that Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand were roommates back in the 80s?

Actually, it wasn't just them - Joel and Ethan Coen and Sam Raimi lived with them in the same house in the Bronx. Oh to be a fly on that fuckin' wall, ya know? Raimi's conjuring up the Evil Deads in the living-room, the Coens are pumping out Blood Simple in the kitchen. Magic, that. Anyway, why hasn't Holly been in like, every single Coen Bros. movie? She should be in their repertoire. She's such a perfect fit into their wacky off-center world.

3- Remember those halcyon days when the name Nicolas Cage didn't make you want to chew off your own tongue to choke on it? I hesitate to even mention this because it makes me feel so very disgusting now, but there was even a moment where, dare I say it, he was sort of attractive. I mean, his face was always kinda jacked up, but he was offbeat hot:

Especially in Wild at Heart. Why did I find him so hot in that movie? Ugh, it grosses me out thinking about it now. Hot no more. Sure he's still in good shape, but I can make no excuses for that mess anymore. His movies are just abysmal, and that wig-to-capped-teeth ratio is outta control.

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Ivan said...

What I love about this scene--and what elevates high above many other similar scenes in other movies--is that Hi McDonnough says, just before the grenade goes off, "I'm sorry." (And I am convinced he means it!)

Jason Adams said...

That "I'm sorry" is a really lovely touch, ivan; I totally agree.