Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Am Link

A good morning and a welcome back to everyone. Lots to catch up on. Gonna get to it.

--- Chief Speaks Doom - Galen Tyrol, aka actor Aaron Douglas, is spreading filthy horrible lies - that Battlestar Galactica might not begin running new episodes until April of next year, instead of the previously-declared January. Lies! Lies! Shame on you, you monster.

--- Word comes from Chuck Palahniuk himself - although he's hardly proven to be a reliable source when it comes to movie news - on what the next film adaptation of his work should be. It involves his book Lullaby and an apparently unpronounceably named Swede.

--- Crawler-Making Man - STYD has an interview with the FX man for The Descent movies, Paul Hyett. Hopefully this isn't considered spoilery, but the phrase "King Crawler" is used, and I get giddy at the thought.

--- The man who brought us the weird-ass horror throwback Slither - his name is James Gunn - is putting together a bunch of Firefly actors (Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk) with porn stars for his next "ultraproject" (whatever that means). Before I could get too excited, I read that they're all female porn stars. What a sham!

--- Fangs-A-Go-Go - Not sure how "realistic" one can make the Dracula myth while actually still having it be about vampires with fangs and shit, but Alex Proyas apparently plans on trying with his next project, called Dracula Year Zero.

--- I wish the nattering on about who's playing who in Batman 3 would quit, since everybody knows Nolan hasn't even signed onto a third film yet, but I suppose people just love nattering about Batman still. It just passed $500 million, y'all! Anyway, Johnny Depp said the obvious when asked about the Riddler rumor: "Blah."

--- Butchering Linds - Stale Popcorn makes a triumphant return to skewering bad movies with a new Cinema of the Absurd post, this round on the Lohan-starrer I Know Who Killed Me. I really have to witness this train-wreck myself some time, huh?

--- So Much Fabric - There are a bunch of new stills from Quantum of Solace over at this site. And Daniel Craig is wearing far, far too many clothes in all of them. Like... any. Any clothes are too many. Still... he looks good. When doesn't he? Bastard.

--- Look! Dirt! - This site here has some pictures of the sets from Prince of Persia, aka the "Jake Gyllenhaal Has Long Hair And Questionable Muscle Mass" movie filming in Morocco now.


Anonymous said...

"Lullaby" is my favorite Chuck P. book so I hope that's true.

spartickes said...

Allow me to be the yen to your yang, and express my buckets of excitement over James Gunn's porn laden announcement. I love, love, love Slither. His script for Dawn of the Dead made for an actual good horror remake. And c'mon, Nathan Fillion? Oh, yeah! Plus his brother was in Gilmore Girls, which is some multiple of awesome where X is my love for Rory.

Ok, so I guess the porn stars really are the low point of that announcement. But I'm thrilled despite them.

Anonymous said...

I Know Who Killed Me is amazing...

No seriously... Watch it and you will understand!