Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


At first I thought including Paris was a stretch, but then... as if calling Kimberly fuckin' Caldwell a "pop princess" isn't one. Paris had an album. So I said WTF (Literally, I just say those three letters now. And I use the extra effort it saves me to rescue injured field mice and nurse them back to health and set them free into the wilderness in little traveling jackets that I've knitted for them) and included Paris, because that's really the apex (Nadir? Whatchu talkin' bout?) of this gruesome phenomenon. (sidenote: I don't own House of Wax, hence my screen-cap brevity there)

But it's a bit like the whole Coliseum mind-set, no? Throw the entitled bitches to the lions. Although at least we've progressed to the point where the lions are made out of rubber and latex and the gore is made of karo syrup, right? Uh... right? Maybe? Anybody?

Anyhoo, this topic just seemed apt in a week where talk of Britney Spears taking the role of Varla in a Quentin Tarantino directed remake of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! flared up again like a case of genocidal gonorrhea. Something in the air... calling for the murder of Pop Tarts... dunno what it is...

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Anonymous said...

Why couldn't it have been Rosanna Tavarez?

Anonymous said...

Seeing Fergie with half her skull missing did warm my heart, but nothing close to being split in half. It pains me that because of this I have a crumb of respect for Caldwell.