Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Pie In The What Now?

With all the yammering I've been doing about ABC the past couple of days, you'd think I was on their payroll. But no, I'm just one of those suckers giving free press left and right because my geekish enthusiasm knows no bounds. Otherwise referred to as "Blogger."

Anyhoo, the fantabulous network that we all worship and adore known as ABC is offering these thingies called "Starter Kits" on their website, wherein they reduce all the shows train-wrecked by the writer's strike to 4-minute long clip-a-thons which tells us the entire story in case we were so bewildered by the previous season's sudden end that we don't remember if it was Donald Sutherland hallucinating George Michael everywhere or if Nicolette Sheridan was the transvestite sleeping with Billy Baldwin...

Or maybe what went down at a certain establishment called the Pie Hole....? That's right, I am speaking to you of Pushing Daisies. Again. I will never stop! Indeed, I am offering you the Starter Kit for the show, right here, in easy YouTube-able form. Whee! Now y'all have no excuses. If you don't watch this show and it's canceled, I will totally stop speaking to you, I swear it.



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Anonymous said...

Thaks for the post! The one they did for Grey's was even better though!