Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'll Take 'The Rapists' For $200, Alex."

Until Daniel Craig packed himself into a tiny tight swimsuit for Casino Royale, I never had any interest in the James Bond films. I still haven't seen an entire one of them except for Royale, in fact. So when I think of Mr. Sean Connery, I think of three things: I think of the time a couple of years ago I saw him wearing a kilt and leading a pack of bag-pipers through Central Park first off (how could I not?). Then I think of Indiana Jones' father ("We named the dawrg Eendeeahnah."). And finally I think of Darrell Hammond's hilarious Celebrity Jeopardy conetestant on SNL... and thankfully, the latter has been condensed by some enterprising YouTuber!



Classic. Happy birthday, Mr. Connery! One of these days I'll finally plunk down and see you as Bond, I promise.


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J.D. said...

Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery! It's one of my favorite celebrity impressions ever. He's ALWAYS hilarious.

"Japan US Relations." I mean, come on!