Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Quote of the Day

I've been pretty mum on The Dark Knight as of late; it's not that the film has slipped off my radar or anything - far from it. It's the film that holds the lion's share of my expectations for this entire Summer's worth, really, and I haven't written a lot because... I'm nervous. I want so very much from it I can't think about it without becoming shaky. The trailers... well to be honest, they're what's made me shut up on the movie, because... well, they've still been making me cry. Which yes, is weird and possibly quite totally lame, but watching Heath is still tough.

So I sit here, my panties all bunched up, unable to really think reasonably about The Dark Knight, and not sure what to say. But I skimmed the start of Moriarty's review at AICN - Moriarty is the only person writing great reviews over there, and he and I always seem to come at movies from the same place, so I always pay attention to what he says - and he said this:

"... as the film’s first act played out, I realized just how far [director Chris Nolan] was willing to go, and it left me nervous, off-balance, exactly the way a film featuring the Joker should. For the first time ever, I felt like anything could happen whenever he would shamble onscreen, looking like something that just crawled out of a wet grave. I’ve always felt that when the Joker makes a joke, he should be the only one who laughs while everyone else is busy cowering in fear or throwing up. Well, looks like Chris and Jonah Nolan feel the same way, because this is a vile tornado of suffering that sweeps through Gotham, a destructive force in clown makeup, his facial scars a mere hint of just how twisted he is inside. He’s not a villain like we normally see in these movies, and he’s not even the Joker we normally see in Batman stories. He’s the film’s grand metaphor, given voice by an actor who vanishes into the role, and he’s only one of the many merits of THE DARK KNIGHT."

Well goddammit. I don't know if I can take the seventeen-day wait. I am fully prepared for this film to slaughter my brain.

That AICN link also includes Moriarty's review of Hellboy II, which I swear I spent 50% of last night dreaming about. I think I had an hour-long trailer running through my head or something. Yes it ruled, and I know you're jealous.

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