Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lookie What I Got In The Mail Today!


It's Comic Book Tattoo, the compilation of comics devoted to Tori Amos songs, compiled from a slew of different artists by Tori herself.

And guess what? It's freaking ginormous. I knew it was gonna be on the big side, but it hardly fits into my messenger bag. Yes... I'm fretting about fitting my Tori Amos comic-book into my man-purse. Right about now, I need to go watch a hockey game or punch somebody in the face. Perhaps climb a giant phallus with a hundred shirtless men slicked with grease. Something terribly manly like that!

Aaaaanyway, besides the whole "questioning my masculinity" thing - par for the course, really - I'm super-duper psyched to finally have this sucker in my hands. I hadn't even realized it'd come out until this past Monday... because I did a real great job keeping track of it. Alas, shiny things, always so shiny and distracting...

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Anonymous said...

Yay, yippee, yay! I just place my order on Amazon. Maybe this will be the cross over piece to get my boyfriend to listen to Tori. He's a huge DC fan,