Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Am Link

--- In Glorious Quentin - There's a bunch of script reviews of Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards script out on the inter-webs today - here's one at Latino Review, here's one at NY Magazine, and here's one a AICN - they're all raves, unsurprisingly. QT's scripts are always golden. ALWAYS.

--- Somehow I'd missed this bit since the rumor first went round that Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez had ended their relationship, but via this fan-rant at Cinematical I see this bit from Rose's rep at People magazine:

"The actress is starring in three of her fiancé's upcoming projects – Barbarella, Red Sonja and Woman in Chains! – despite reports to the contrary, according to her rep.

"The production of all three films is moving forward with Rose to star," the rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

As for claims that the couple have called off their engagement, a source close to McGowan says, "She and Robert are fine.""

Sigh. This is all great and stuff - I maintain that Rose would make a terrific Barbarella, naysayers be damned - but I just wish they'd get one of these things off the ground. Too much talk! Not enough action!

--- Through the Heart - gets a little info from Rob "Veronica Mars" Thomas on his about-to-film remake of his own old show, Cupid, that's starring the lovely Bobby Cannavale, including this hilarious quote:

"“Someone has to crack this nut of putting an anthologized romantic comedy on TV... What I’m hoping for is the thinking man’s Love Boat.”"

He does realize bringing The Love Boat into the conversation fills my dreams with Charo-centric episodes, right?

--- And finally, Rope of Silicon has a thrilling new gallery of pictures from The X-Files: I Want To Believe... it's more shots of Mulder and Scully wearing nice coats and frowning! Examples:

Listen, Chris Carter: I get that you want to cloak the movie in mystery and shock us with your genius. But I, a fan of the show, haven't been able to make myself excited for this movie because you haven't given me anything exciting. Endless shots of your main actors standing around ain't enough! The movie comes out in two weeks! Gimme something, for god's sake. The bleeding eyes are not doing it for me. Snow and helicopters and flashlights, oh my! Gah. The latest trailer was a slight improvement over the first one. But I am bored, bored to tears, by the marketing for this film. I'm enough of a fan of the series that I'lls till go, but I don't think it speaks well of how people who couldn't give a crap about Sculder's relationship status might feel.

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Joe Reid said...

Am I the only one who thinks this whole Inglorious Bastards thing is a giant practical joke? That everything's suddenly coming together on this all at once?