Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speaking Of...

... Anna Faris, she spoke to MTV on the status of that Linda Lovelace biopic that she's been attached to for awhile now:
"“We’re still trying to put it together,” explained the affable actress, who will reportedly be appearing opposite Sam Rockwell in the flick. “I’m going to do ['Observe & Report' with Seth Rogen] first, and then hopefully we’ll get together for the summer.”

That’s good news for the sizable audience that responded favorably to our initial report on the film, which will be directed by “Your Name Here” filmmaker Matthew Wilder. Faris seems like a comedian whose talents could translate well to drama, and the story of Lovelace (raised Catholic, a mother at 20, starring in “Deep Throat” at 23, an anti-porn crusader in her later years) is some meaty material.

“I think we’re still working on the money bit,” laughed Faris, who will next be seen in the August comedy “The House Bunny.”

“You’re not going to even know who I am,” she half-joked, discussing her plans for the portrayal. “I’m not there right now, but I will be when the time comes. I’ll be in a very dark place.”"

Please please please please please let this happen. This is one of those moments when my atheism gets in the way, cuz I'd totally go light a candle or stick some pins in a doll or some shit if I thought it'd help out. Alas. Perhaps co-starring with Seth Rogen, He-Comedy-Man of the moment, will give her some box-office boost, and an upped Q-rating will get the dollars thrown at this movie? One can hope.

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Anonymous said...

David Bertolino presents "Deep Throat The Play" opening in Boston on September 10th; the production moves to New York next February, 2009.