Monday, June 16, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Sleepless in Seattle can go fuck itself."

That's director Guillermo Del Toro answering the question whether he'd ever want to direct a romantic comedy. (via Defamer)

It's also going to be the name of my thrash-metal Rodgers & Hammerstein cover band.


Glenn Dunks said...

What an idiot.

If you're gonna rag on the romantic comedy genre you do not rag on Sleepless in Seattle. We should be so lucky that there were more romcoms of that movie's quality being made.

Michael Parsons said...

Brilliant. Hated that movie

Anonymous said...

I love the romance between Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and Selma Blair, just like I loved Wolverine's longing for Jean Grey. But for the OTHER parts of the movie- action, sci-fi, epic, whatever, I don't demand that it be romantic comedy as long as a good love interest is present.

I'm in the minority of people who couldn't stand Sleepless in Seattle, because when I looked at the leads, I saw two angry resentful actors who were pissed off that they weren't in more "important" pictures. Not romantic.