Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Am Link

--- After Dark - Twitch spoke with director Alex Proyas a bunch on the upcoming director's cut of Dark City that's hiitting DVD at the end of July. Hey, Alex? Make another genius movie please. Thanks.

--- Piss Off
- I really hope I fail miserably with time-allotment and never get around to writing up a post for Piper's totally stupid Bizarro Blog-a-thon which started yesterday and goes through tomorrow. If you click over you'll see all sorts of crap not worth your time.

--- Speaking of things that I've already missed because I suck at scheduling my word-vomit, this month's Final Girl Film Club went up yesterday, and it involves naked outer space vampires. Can't miss! And if I may I'll direct your eyes to StinkyLulu's write-up on the FGFC pick as well, you won't be disappointed in the beefcake department.

--- Egg Man, Egg Lady - Whether subconscious or intentional, I definitely think that Billy Loves Stu is onto something calling out Rob Zombie's "homages" in The Devil's Rejects to John Waters' Pink Flamingos.

--- Bunch o' Bull List - I haven't even begun to wrap my head around some of the insane claims made by the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly filled with lists... thankfully, Stale Popcorn takes on the movie posters, and NY Magazine takes on everything else (via Joe)

--- And finally, I'm swiping this from Stale Popcorn as well, but here's the trailer for Anna Faris' new comedy House Bunny, and I concur with Glenn's fingers-crossing that this'll be a hit, because Anna Faris is so fucking under-appreciated:

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Thanks for the link!!