Monday, June 23, 2008

I Am Link

--- Even though nobody asked for it, including series creator Eli Roth - who's on the record as not having any interest in a third film - it seems the studio's going to go ahead and make a Hostel: Part III. It appears, at this stage, that Eli Roth is most definitely not involved.

Of course... WTF is he involved with? On June 13th, over at his blog he blabbered on about his newfound love for yoga and Louise Brooks and basketball, and sort of mentioned he's "writing"... er, get to it then, Eli. I wouldn't want to have to come out there and knock some sense into your downward-facing-dog loving ass.

--- Speaking of sequels nobody wanted, Spider-Man 4 is set for May 2011. Even though there is no script. I love Hollywood.

--- I think this would be a very good time for me to head down to South Carolina for a spell; production on Nailed, Jake Gyllenhaal's flick with David O' Russell, has been shut down for a fourth time due to money woes, meaning Jake's probably got a lot of spare time on his hands and a lot of frustration to work out, and lucky him, I have solutions for both of those problems. (thanks Nat)

--- Sing, the Brundlefly - It's surreal really, but David Cronenberg's opera version of The Fly is really for real happening. The world premiere is on July 2nd in Los Angeles, and then it begins it's run in September. What rhymes with "genetic mutation" anyway?

--- Work, Bastards - Tarantino is supposedly going to film his WWII epic Inglorious Bastards next - he's been laying that line down for years now, hence my skepticism - and now it's gonna be two movies, a la Kill Bill. Well I love Kill Bill, and I am okay with that. I just wish he'd get on it already. You ain't getting any younger, Quentin, and we don't have enough movies from you yet.

--- Ass Blast From The Past - I really couldn't care less about the three-quel to Starship Troopers, except for the fact that these new shots of Casper Van Dien in character gave me warm feelings in my belly remembering that co-ed shower scene from the original film. Ahh memories...

Note to filmmakers: promise me some gratuity of that sort again and I might make time for your movie. Giant killer bugs from outer space don't hurt, either.

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Ross said...

I just got my L.A. Opera schedule, and we are DEFINITELY going to see The Fly. Can't wait!