Monday, June 16, 2008

I Am Link

--- First Quarter, 2009 - E!Online has this quote from SciFi Channel's president on BSG's final run of episodes:

"[It will premiere] first quarter next year—we haven't fixed a final date, but we don't want to keep the fans waiting too long."

Keep your word man, if you know what's best for you!

--- Also regarding BSG, MNPP-pal Sam J. Miller did a terrific comparison of BSG and Star Trek over at Mental Floss y'all ought to check out. Trekkie I am not, so I found it enlightening.

--- Derailed, Again - The Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train, starring Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones, will be released in only about 100 theaters on August 1st; I have my fingers crossed that maybe they'll pick one in the NYC vicinity this time around.

--- Into The Darko - Previously crushed-upon-here actor Matthew Davis has joined the cast of the Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko. Why am I even writing abut this movie? Gah.

--- Friday Was 13th - This past Friday, the official site for the Friday the 13th remake gave us our first look at Jason's mask... and yup, looks like the other masks. I only hope that, in their apparently sped-up intro to the Voorhees mythos at the start, they make room for the Baghead version. Don't they know bagheads are totally in right now?

--- All the gorgeous ladies of spelunking are returning for The Descent 2; Empire has word that the entire cast of the original film will be returning. Presumably this means flashbacks of some sort. Since... ya know.

--- No Hobbit For Jim - James McAvoy tells TheOneRing.Net that online rumormongering - ahem - connecting him with the role of Bilbo Baggins is hooey. A shame.

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