Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

Scott Speedman, apparently still hopped up on goof-balls, spoke to BD about the similarities between Michael Haneke's Funny Games (I assume they're talking about this year's remake here) and his film coming out this weekend, The Strangers, both of which feature a well-to-do couple (plus a kid in FG) terrorized by mysterious strangers in an isolated location. Said Speedman:

"I thought Funny Games was hilarious, it’s a satire more than a horror movie. Its hilarious, I was rooting for the people to get killed. You can certainly make a comparison to The Strangers, but really its just plot, and that’s where the similarity ends."

Well okay, I wouldn't exactly take Speedman's "hilarious" stance towards Funny Games, but I get where he's coming from. It is meant as a deconstruction of on-screen violence more than a straight-faced horror film. What somebody needs to ask about is the similarities to the French film Ils (Them), which I see as much more similar in tone and intent (I say not having even seen The Strangers yet; just judging by the trailer).

Anyway, you go with your bugged-out self, Scott.

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zooplah said...

Either way, Scott Speedman is still a very attractive individual (to put it mildly).