Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Groundhog Day (1993)

These are the four examples of Phil Connors' multiple deaths that we are shown; in the following scene, wherein he describes to Rita how it's probable he's achieved demi-god status, he also lists having been "stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, ... and burned." That's at least ten deaths altogether. [Count voice] Ten Desperate Suicide Attempts, wah-ah-ah! [/Count voice]

Phil's (Phil? Like the groundhog Phil? Ha!) suicide-apalooza sequence always fascinates me though. He mentions that every time he offs himself he just wakes up again the next morning and it's Groundhog Day again... but is that transition instantaneous? We know it isn't an instantaneous jump for the other characters in the film because we see Rita and Larry identifying his corpse - where is Phil consciousness at that moment? Has it already skipped along to the next alternate reality timeline, and in this identifying-corpse moment we're getting a brief glimpse of what's been left behind - a scattered shower of abandoned realities, each plowing forward into their own different futures while the film we're following just keep skipping to the front? It's a tangle of metaphysical conundrums left in its wake, that's for certain.

Also, Bill Murray is talking to a groundhog! That's silly!

Another little-known fact about this film: This movie is the only documented record in all of recorded history in which Andie MacDowell possesses anything resembling charm or acting ability. Crazy but true.

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zooplah said...

Great movie! I thought the day just kept on going with Phil dead, but the he'd wake up again the next (or should I say same?) day, not being conscious of the events of the day (like Rita and Larry identifying the body).