Thursday, May 01, 2008

Like The City In Alaska? No.

Will my brain be any better today? Only The Shadow knows. And by "The Shadow" I mean the large iced Mochachino I'm currently chugging in hopes it was a caffeine deficit yesterday that sent me into a spiral of fear and loathing not seen since Sarah Jessica Parker smashed the last mirror in her house. I call this drink The Shadow sometimes, if nobody's listening. No I don't. Nevermind.

In real news, via my pal Sean I found this information at BD:

"First Official 'The Descent 2' Casting!

We received official word that Shauna MacDonald and Natalie Jackson Mendoza will both we returning in Pathe's The Descent 2, which looks to have finally dropped the ridiculous moniker (The De2cent)."

Be forewarned, that link then goes into some slightly spoilery details about the plot of the film which were more than I wanted to know. Granted, I want to know next to nothing just as I did going in to see the first film, and we're already well past the point where that's a possibility, but as you well know, I am deranged you shouldn't be listening to anything I ever say anyway, because to do so would also make you deranged. Am I still talking? Mmmm Mochachino.

AHEM. I'm tangent-riffic this morning. MacDonald AND Mendoza are both returning then? Weird. MacDonald played Sarah and Mendoza was Juno and, well, if you've seen the film you'll understand why this is weird news. I'll refrain from speaking of spoilers here, but take it to the comments if you feel the need...

Also, thank goodness they dropped that dyslexically-numbered title De2cent.... that thing hurt my face.


Tom said...



Stacie Ponder said...

I'm going to make myself start getting excited about The Descent 2. If they're bringing Mendoza and MacDonald back...well, it's silly and pointless, still, but they're rad.

Yes...I'll be excited about this. And I'll pretend that I'm not expecting to be disappointed! Yaaaaay!

Jason Adams said...

I was thinking the same thing today, Stacie. That I've been forcing myself to not really think about it out of fear, but this news made me want to pay attention. And yeah, I'm inevitably just going to remain thinking it can never be as fan-uckin-tastic as the first one, but maybe it can be fun, and not offend me wholly. Maybe?